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Track the Outcomes

Sustained recovery and improved quality of life are the expected outcomes following a stay with Access Foundation. The house culture in the Stable Environment Model, by design, promotes health and wellness among the residents by teaching principles of cleanliness, hygiene, personal responsibility, and healthy eating. It encourages them toward a more self-directed life as they make life-altering decisions, with some mild mentoring, on their own. And it promotes reaching full potential through assisted education, career mentoring, and technical training.

But what happens after they leave the house is anyone’s guess unless it’s tracked and measured. We use the Brief Assessment of Recovery Capital (BARC-10). We chose this “strength-based” assessment over diagnostic tools because it looks beyond what we call the “observable” changes and measures changes in identity, quality of life, sense of hope, and belonging.

  • Psychological Health
  • Coping and life functioning
  • Engagement in meaningful activities
  • Social support
  • Housing and safety
  • Physical health
  • Citizenship and more…


The New Recovery Paradigm

We continue to place additional emphasis on measuring the quality of life while we realize that abstinence is the obvious objective in addiction recovery. But the new paradigm suggests there is much more to recovery than abstinence. What follows an extended period of abstinence is an improved state of personal health and engaged citizenship. Only then can an individual be considered to be in recovery.

Outcomes reporting is voluntary and self-reported. Data is maintained on each resident for a period of five years. Recovery data, not personal information, is shared with the National Institutes of Health.

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