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Teach Without Teaching is the Stable Environment way to increase skills needed to survive without relapse. Our clients come to us from the streets where they have been homeless, or from jail where they have received little or no education, or from homes where they have been unable to function. But they did come to us, of their own free will – with a desire toward self-improvement.

They are often not capable of focusing or learning in a formal classroom environment. We capitalize on their practical experience – often “engineering” a structured experience that will bring about a teaching moment. The client experiences an epiphany – an “ah-ha” moment where they realize a new paradigm. This resonates with the client because they are caught in the moment. They tend to process the experience more deeply than had they learned the same thing in a formal setting.

These structured experience need to be expanded. We work with instructional designers, curriculum developers, and therapists that help us “engineer” experiences that produce these epiphany moments. We must then translate this informal learning experience into a formal assessment of their new skills. All of this is a costly process.

You can help us by:

  • volunteering as a mentor, helping clients process their experiences,
  • contibuting your expertise in helping structure or assess,
  • contributing to our fundraising effort.

What Clients Learn
  • Leadship
  • Financial responsibility
  • Self-awareness and self-regard
  • Non-destructive communication
  • Creating relationships of trust and empathy
  • Social Responsibility
  • Adapting to the unfamiliar and unpredictable
  • Becoming a positive influence
  • Problem solving
  • Controlling impulses


As an example of Teach Without Teaching, clients are asked to complete budgets when they move-in. Its for themselves, we don’t ask to see them. Inevitably, we will get a call to tell us they they’ll be late with their rent payment. That’s when we meet with them to review their budgets. This is frequently an eye opening experience for our tenants as they experience an “ah-ha” moment. By mentoring clients, we teach them to pay down debt, improve their credit scores, and prepare for the future.

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    We need to help!

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