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Track the Outcomes

Sustained recovery and improved quality of life are the expected outcomes following a stay with Access Foundation. The house culture promotes health and wellness among the residents by teaching principles of cleanliness, hygiene, personal responsibility, and healthy eating. It encourages them toward a more self-directed life as they make life-altering decisions, with some mild mentoring, on their own. And it promotes reaching full potential through assisted education, career mentoring, and technical training.


Social Network

Connection, not sobriety, is the opposite of addiction. Connecting in healthy ways with other human beings replaces the pleasurable effects of substances. Human beings have a deep need to bond and form connections. Isolation is the enemy of recovery.


The Silent Partner

The architecture and social flow of a recovery residence is often referred to as the “silent partner” in recovery. The setting can significantly support or hinder the recovery of residents attempting to establish social connections and can shape the reactions to a sober living home in an ordinary neighborhood.



In the ever-changing world we live in, informal learning now accounts for 90% of all learning that takes place and is more resonant, more timely, and more deeply learned.