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All Hands On Deck

Our community is blessed to provide supporters the opportunity of service in direct and meaningful ways. We’ll acquire the house, but it will need some TLC before those who need it most can move it. If you can hit a nail or shovel dirt, you are a welcomed volunteer.

Access Foundation helps people set their lives straight. We work to provide affordable housing to those recovering from alcohol or other drugs (AOD) misuse. Men and women working through difficult times in their lives need a place to call home, an environment of sobriety that helps set them on their path to long-term recovery.

You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.

If your business, church, school, college, civic group, or other organization would like to send a team, just contact us, and we’ll schedule you for the work. A volunteer team offers a hand-up, providing the support and the “muscle” that often means homes can be rehabilitated at considerably lower costs, keeping rents affordable.

Make sure your actions are led from a place of passionate intention. That way all the hard work will be worth it, you will be more committed to the cause of affordable housing for everyone and as a result, your impact will be that much bigger.

Volunteering near your home gives you the chance to contribute every day to the kind of community and world you want to live in. It gives you the opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself and use your skills and knowledge to assist in the empowerment of people who need a hand up.

Help us plant a tree, put up a wall, paint the living room, or just bring us a lemonade. At Access Foundation, the Stable Environment Model of recovery is the real thing, helping hundreds of residents each year achieve recovery from addiction.


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